DIR-TSO-3815 pricing sheet

Savvy in IT

This Pricing Sheet was approved by Texas Department of Information Resources
Product Description
Manufacturer's Part Number
MSRPDIR Customer Discount % off MSRPDIR Customer Price *
1Savvy Technology SolutionsAudit the web content or eDigital material accessibility (per hour)WCAGAUDIT$120.0027.00%$88.26
2Savvy Technology SolutionsFix defects uncovered during WCAG 2.0 A/AA/AAA testing - web or desktop applications (per hour)WCAGDEV1$120.0025.00%$90.68
3Savvy Technology SolutionsConvert Flash to HTML5 (per hour)WCAGDEV2$120.0025.00%$90.68
4Savvy Technology SolutionsAccessibility Policy Development - per organizationWCAGDEV3$15,000.0030.00%$10,578.75
5Savvy Technology SolutionsWeb Content Accessibility Guidelines Testing (per hour)WCAGTST$120.0027.00%$88.26
6Savvy Technology SolutionsDocumentation Accessibility Remedy (per hour)WCAGDOCREM$80.0025.00%$60.45
7Savvy Technology SolutionsAccessibility introduction, W3C WCAG 2.0 guidelines, Documentation remedy training (8 hours web interactive class, up to 8 attendees)WEBADATRAINING1$2,000.0020.00%$1,612.00
8Savvy Technology SolutionsVideo Transcription Services (per minute)WCAGTRANSCRIPTION$5.0020.00%$4.03
9Savvy Technology SolutionsCustomization of Jaws or WindowEyes for proprietary applications. Scripting for common applications with specific needs for access is also available (per hour)WCAGSCRIPTING$150.0030.00%$105.79
10Savvy Technology SolutionsAIMRobotics - a web-based automated accessibility testing tool for both web content and documentation (default: per page per month)WCAGAUTOTOOL$200.0025.00%$151.13