Savvy Technology Solutions

Address: 100 Congress AVE STE 2000, Austin TX 78701
Web and Mobile Application development

At Savvy Tech, our development team includes business analysts, systems analysts, architects, software engineers, and quality assurance engineers, all working together with an emphasis on user experience. Our Savvy Tech professionals can work with your current IT architecture, improving your existing system to make it more efficient and user-friendly. More importantly, our team can transform your system into one which can easily adapt to changes and expansions as new or additional business requirements dictate. Our team can ensure that your system is one that encompasses and integrates seamlessly with emerging technologies.

08 June 2018
IT Recruiting and Staff Augmentation

Businesses and institutions are constantly evolving, requiring at times more personnel and expertise than are available from baseline in-house resources. At these times, Savvy Tech can give you the extras you need to meet the challenge. We are experts not only at identifying your needs but supplying the resources needed to fill them. Our team of highly skilled and motivated technical recruiters can provide on-demand staff augmentation for short-term projects, as well as find the right match for long-term commitments.

How many? When? How long? You make the call–we’ll find the answers.

08 June 2018
Application Maintenance and Support

We provide an extensive range of maintenance and support services. Problem reporting is simple and effective, producing a prompt acknowledgment and quick deployment of resources and personnel to identify, analyze, and correct the problem. Troubleshooting is an on-going process with our team, who will monitor your system for potential weaknesses, making modifications and enhancements where necessary to ensure your system remains stable, productive, and up-to-date.

08 June 2018
Project Management

One of the key elements to ensuring a successful project is the initiation phase. Our experienced staff can get you started in the right direction with an organized, well-thought-out plan of action. They can help you define the nature and scope of a project, assess needs and resources, set goals and time frames, help manage costs. Their expert guidance will continue throughout the lifecycle of your project as they set controls and maintain oversight to assure that your project stays on track to achieve an optimized result.

08 June 2018