Direct Hire Services

Savvy in IT



Savvy Technology Solutions (STS) specializes in Direct Hire Search by recruiting and placing staff/mid-level to upper-level professionals. Our areas of focus include Life Science (Medical Device, Pharmaceutical and Biotech), Food and Beverage, Accounting, IT, HR and Sales Professionals and most all business areas. The management team of Savvy Technology has over 40 years combined experience in Direct Hire Search and Contract staffing.

Our goal and mission is to deliver to our clients the best talent through both traditional recruiting/search techniques and the most modern recruiting technologies. These methods will increase the quality of candidate(s) and also maximize the pool of talent for selection.


Savvy Technology has a very comprehensive process to help clients find the best talent. Our process is guided by these basic principles of recruitment and search:

  • We clarify the client goals overall and for each critical position.
  • We make 100% certain that we fully understand the goals, responsibilities and requirements of each role as it relates to the overall company’s goals and mission.
  • We establish realistic and attainable time frames and financial benchmarks for our clients with respect to both schedules, urgency and monetary budgets.
  • We will be cognizant of current and ever changing trends in the employment marketplace and communicate those with our clients.
  • We are very diligent to match up our clients and candidates with respect to technical skills, intent, chemistry fit and also to ensure that the long term goals of both parties align well for the future.


The Direct Hire Recruitment team at Savvy Technology has over 40 years of experience in all areas of recruitment, staffing and search. Jim Michal is our Vice President of Client Management and is responsible for the Direct Hire sector of Savvy Technology Solutions.

Jim Michal has over 25 years’ experience in recruitment and professional staffing and understands the many changes in both trends and technology in the Recruitment/Search industry. Jim’s career encompasses direct hire search as well as contract and contract-to-higher staffing with a strong emphasis on utilizing technology in the recruitment process.